Monday, July 2, 2012

Beeswax Pomade

This is a popular use for beeswax.  This is a straight forward low cost recipe to make your own at home.  Also use the link below to find more DIY recipes for beeswax.

1 Decide what are you going to use it for what style.

2 Depending on what you will use it for will give you a general idea of the measurement of the ingredients.

3 If you want more hold give it more bees wax than petroleum jelly or oil.

4 First melt your bees wax in a clean pan until its a liquid, then pour into a cooling container.

5 Add oil or Vaseline so the wax doesn't go hard again.

6 Remember more oil or petroleum jelly: less hold, but more shine.

7 If you like, add some mint or some kind of nice-smelling oils to cover up the smell of the petroleum jelly.

Make it in large batches because if you're a greaser, you will use a lot.
For it to wash out, use detergent, (like for your dishes.)
I personally prefer to use corn starch and shampoo because it's better for your hair.
You are handling hot wax, be careful!.
Don't use paraffin wax or any artificial waxes instead of bees wax.
Don't melt it in a microwave, only on a hotplate or stove.
Never put pomade in your eyes or in your mouth.
Keep away from kids.
Use only cooking oils like olive or vegtable never use motor oil.
Use only natural scented oils or edible oils for your pomade.
Things you'll need

a kitchen
a pan a skillet
a stirring spoon
oven mitts
a container
 bees wax
oil or petroleum jelly
scented oils (needed if you want it to smell good)
For this and other beeswax recipes wikihow has  plenty.

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